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Lions jump out to early lead, beat ‘Skins for first win since 2007

Finally, the Detroit Lions are winners. With rookie Matthew Stafford leading the way, Detroit ended a 19-game losing streak with a 19-14 victory over the Washington Redskins on Sunday.


The Real Reason Redskin Rookies Shouldn’t Tweet

You saw a version of this video when T.O. signed with the Buffalo Bills. There are a whole series of these parodies on YouTube now.

This one skewers Redskin rookie Robert Henson’s opinion of french fries and fans. Too funny.

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The Redskins Are Hiring

No, not for a head coach.

There appears to be a vacancy in the premium ticket sales department. The Washington Redskins are seeking highly motivated, energetic professionals as a Business Development Executive.

Could this point back the James Grimaldi’s Washington Post series on irregularities in the Redskin ticket office?

Problems give rise to opportunities for someone, anyone who can solve them.

Let an old salesman clue you in. When you read the buzz words “highly motivated” right next to “energetic” in a job listing, that’s a clue that it’s high commission work. High commissions come when you’re pushing discretionary offers to a skeptical audience.

It’s a tough enough sell to offer premium business venues when the economy is tanked. News that your team may sue you puts up another obsticle to overcome. You’ll earn that commission when you make a sale. 

Still, if you want to break into sports marketing….

For more information, or to apply, go to




Haynesworth Is The Man On Defense. Holmgren Is Coming.

This is what my football world is coming to. Writing what other people write about the Washington Redskins is more interesting than what I have to say. Today I’m a shill for Sports Illustrated.

Ben Kaplan at tells me that in this week’s Sports Illustrated Poll, 296 NFL players were asked “Who is the Most Dominant Defensive Player in the NFL?”  Most players picked Washington Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth (19 percent), followed by the Baltimore Ravens’ S Ed Reed (14 percent), the Dallas Cowboys’ LB DeMarcus Ware (13 percent), the Pittsburgh Steelers’ LB James Harrison (10 percent) and the Baltimore Ravens’ LB Ray Lewis (8 percent).

Fast company. If we had all those stellar D guys on the Redskins, would the redskins have beaten Detroit?

Discouraged fans want to know.

There is plenty of talent on the Skins. Discerning fans long ago realized the Skins ain’t no 12-4 team currently underperforming their level. Bloggers who follow the team figured them for 9-7 with an iffy shot at the playoffs.

Three games into the season, that’s still a realistic possibility. Washington has five games to give before the bottom falls out.

Knowing that pro players think Haynesworth is “the man” is something to hang on to, even after watching the Detroit Lions gash the middle of the Redskin D-line.

With a moral win to the Rams and a the meltdown in Motown, the Redskins cannot allow themselves any thought of beatable teams still on the schedule. That includes the next team up, the 0-3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Washington could manage no better than a split with Detroit and St. Louis this season and last. Those two teams combined for three wins over 19 game weeks. Two of those wins were against us.

That leads to Zorn bashing. But speculation about his future is as much about starry-eyed Daniel Snyder as about Zorn.

Mike Florio writes in that Mike Holmgren would like to return to coaching and to do it in the godless East “where you wake up on Sunday morning and it’s the most important thing.” Holmgren specifically mentioned East Rutherford or Philly or Washington in his comments to Florio.

No one in East Rutherford or Philly are in any trouble.

Florio’s conclusion: “So we think it’ll be Holmgren and Shanahan jockeying for position in D.C., and the Redskins and Cowboys in a possible tug of war to get their preferred candidate.”

Speculation! Offseason drama doesn’t cut it around here anymore.

Snyder’s assumption that the Redskins are one star short of a Super Bowl confounds his efforts to build a winner.

It’s bad enough that so many people have written off both Jim Zorn and the season. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Zorn turned out to be a mere placeholder for his old boss?

Holmgren does have one quality Zorn lacks: More experience as head coach than does Jason Campbell as a starter.

Zorn would be wise to be more consultative with Campbell. I’m not sure that’s happening. The best offenses seem to foster a partnership between coach and quarterback, at least publicly. Who knows what happens in private?

Zorn leaves the impression that he–and only he–knows best when it comes to play calling. Campbell is reaching the point where he’s comfortable with Zorn’s offense. He must have ideas to make it work better.

That’s a nugget to build on, if Zorn will take it. I hope he is not like Steve Spurrier, who came to Washington to see if his offensive philosophies worked at the NFL level. Spurrier would not adapt his play calling because he did not want to be “NFL-ized.”

Don’t be that guy, JZ. Collaborate.

Albert Haynesworth had his MRI in Tennessee so that he could deal with a personal matter, Jim Zorn said. This is the Internet Age. Nothing is secret for long. Haynesworth was in Tennessee for a divorce hearing.

Ugh! Been there. Done that. I hope things work out amicably for Big Albert and his family. Amicable divorces are rare and always distracting. But hey, Sports Illustrated says Haynesworth is the most dominant defensive player in the game.

He’s also human.

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Michael Vick May Be Sincere, His Publicity Campaign Is A Fake

Michael Vick made an entirely too clandestine visit to D.C. to preach against the dangers of dog fighting. he gave his message to a group of at risk…churchgoers.

The story of Vick’s visit appears in today’s Washington Post and on

According to The Post, Vick expressed the false glamour of the thug life and its impact on his family.

“Anything can happen when you’re fighting dogs at two or three in the morning,” he said. “I’m blessed to be before you and still have my life. It’s like standing on the corner and dealing drugs. It’s a criminal life.”

It’s a message that needs to be heard. The Humane Society thinks Michael Vick is a channel to a population they do not reach.

It’s piddly-poor publicity when news of Vick’s visit reaches us after he’s left.

Michael Vick’s agreement to make two public appearances a month to speak against dog fighting played a role in his reinstatement to the NFL. He’s made similar appearances in Chicago, Philadelphia and Atlanta. The story at the Church Solutions web site says the Humane Society reached out to inner-city churches that “often bear much weight in these urban communities and influence people’s behavior.”

Laudable–if the target audience hears the message. The Post reported that “there was a small mix of high school-aged kids among the roughly 75 in attendance.” Vick has also pitched his story at schools in other cities where there are more young people, at least.

Inadequate publicity of his visits makes the whole thing a charade. I get it with the church. But if you are in church, you already get that message. A church ringed by police officers deters the very at-risk youth The Humane Society wants to reach. The Post’s article suggested as much.

Everybody needs to rethink the best, maximum use of Mr. Vick.

A good start would be if the Humane Society publishs Michael Vick’s speaking schedule on its own web site. That information is nowhere to be found as I write this.

Michael Vick’s official web page has no anti-cruelty message of any kind. What a missed opportunity!

Young people are unlikely to visit the Humane Society’s web page, but they will look at Vick’s. There’s no better place to weave Mr. Vick’s message, direct and edited by the man himself.

Where was the viral text message campaign informing teens that Michael Vick was coming to town? Why was there a police presence outside and inside Covenant Baptist Church where he appeared?

Will we see this on YouTube?

Where’s the thought process to place Vick where young people are instead of where they ought to be? And why isn’t he appearing at animal shelters to raise funds and volunteers?

Maybe there’s a concern about animal rights extremists at a Vick sighting. Know what? There are a lot more people who want to see Michael Vick play and hear what he has to say.

Come on people, you are smarter than this. Or, is it all a charade?

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