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Today’s Look

The Washington Redskins‘ primary colors are burgundy and gold. The Redskins’ current uniform design was introduced by coach Jack Pardee in 1979.

From 1961 through 1978, the Redskins wore gold pants with both the burgundy and white jerseys, although details of the jerseys and pants changed a few times during this period.  Gold face masks were introduced in 1978 and remain to this day; previous to that they were grey.  They are one of three NFL teams that primarily wear their white jerseys at home (the others being the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins, the last two teams playing in warm weather cities, do traditionally wear dark jerseys at night or late in the season).

The tradition of wearing white jerseys over burgundy pants at home, which is considered the “classic” look, was started by Joe Gibbs when he took over as coach in 1981.  Gibbs was an assistant for the San Diego Chargers in 1979 and 1980, and the Chargers wore white at home during the tenure of coach Don Coryell in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Their burgundy jersey is primarily used when the opposing team decides to wear white at home, which comes mostly against the Dallas Cowboys and occasionally the Philadelphia Eagles, and is normally worn over white pants. From 1981 through 2000, the Redskins wore their white jerseys over burgundy pants at home almost exclusively.

75th Anniversary Look

In 1994, as part of a league-wide celebration of the NFL’s 75th Anniversary, during certain games the Redskins wore special uniforms which emulated the uniforms worn by the team in its inaugural season as the Washington Redskins, 1937.  Both worn over gold pants, the burgundy jerseys featured gold numbers bordered in white and the white jerseys featured burgundy numbers bordered in gold. The most distinctive feature of both colors of the jersey was the patches worn on both sleeves, which were a reproduction of the patches worn on the full-length sleeves of the 1937 jersey.  Worn with these uniforms was a plain burgundy helmet with a gold facemask.

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